Second Opinions

A cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing, and sometimes scary event. Getting a second opinion could be a good idea. Second opinions can either confirm the first recommendation of treatment or offer other treatment options that may not have been previously considered or available from the first provider location.

Second opinions are designed to keep the patient fully informed of treatment options during this difficult time. Second opinions can offer peace of mind about a new diagnosis, and discussion with oncology professionals results in the best choices for a good outcome. By seeking a second opinion, additional treatments could be made available for a specific type and stage of cancer.

At the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, patients can feel confident that they receive the highest level of care with access to the latest cancer treatments available. As a leading cancer treatment center, the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara sees thousands of newly diagnosed patients every year, providing a depth of clinical experience that provides our patients with a comprehensive treatment plan. We not only offer the latest treatments available, but also offer Clinical Trials and integrated Support Services. Supportive care programs and services are available to all Cancer Center patients.

To make an appointment or if you have questions, call (844) 372-6786.

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