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Prevention & Community Outreach

Cancer Prevention & Community Outreach

While the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara is primarily a treatment center, we are also strong advocates of practices that may reduce the incidence of cancer. Cancer prevention is accomplished by reducing risk factors, by making healthy choices, and by participating in recommended screenings. The Cancer Center offers a variety of cancer prevention programs in our community throughout the year.

Cancer is not a single disease but a group of related diseases. Our genes, lifestyle and environment may increase or decrease the risk of developing cancer. Scientists are studying many different ways to help prevent cancer, including:
• Ways to avoid or control things known to cause cancer.
• Changes in diet and lifestyle.
• Finding precancerous conditions early. Precancerous conditions are conditions that may become cancer.
• Chemoprevention (medicines to treat a precancerous condition or to keep cancer from starting).

Cancer prevention means avoiding risk factors:
• smoking
• obesity
• lack of exercise
• too much sun

Cancer prevention means increasing protective factors:
• Regular exercise
• Maintaining healthy weight
• Eating a healthy diet

At the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, preventing cancer is as important as treating it. We are committed to raising awareness about cancer prevention and providing opportunities to reduce cancer risk. You may choose to learn about the Cancer Center's numerous prevention and outreach programs; take an online test to determine your personal cancer risk ; or read more in-depth prevention information specific to several types of cancer.

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