Physicians & Staff

Physicians & Staff: Your Care Team

Your physician will work closely with a team of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants and medical services coordinators to ensure an efficient appointment each time you visit us for treatment or follow-up care.

Medical Oncology & Hematology Physicians


Mark Abate, MD


Jonathan Berkowitz, MD, PhD


Mukul Gupta, MD


Dan Greenwald, MD


Fred Kass, MD


Ryan Kendle, MD


Gregg Newman, MD


Juliet Penn, MD


Novejot (Neetu) Sekhon, MD


Julie Taguchi, MD


Thomas Woliver, MD


Hangama Abassi, NP


Marissa Piacenti, PA-C

sweet-amanda-pa (2).jpg

Amanda Sweet, PA-C

Medical Oncologists work in a branch of medicine called Medical Oncology/Hematology, a medical sub-specialty focusing on both blood disorders and cancer treatment. The two branches of medicine are closely related, though people with certain blood disorders do not have cancer.

Our community is fortunate to have a group of Medical Oncology & Hematology physicians dedicated to providing patients with the most advanced treatment modalities in a comfortable and patient-oriented setting. Patients receive expert care with treatment plans designed for the specific medical, psychological, social and logistical needs of each patient. Our oncology medical staff is recognized for their exceptional medical training, compassionate care, and ability to collaborate with patients and other professionals for the best outcome for the patient.

Infusion therapy services are provided in chemotherapy suites where patients are cared for by highly skilled and compassionate oncology nurses. Patients and their families are educated and guided through the treatment process by an experienced team of professionals who work tirelessly to insure that they understand the therapy and begin treatment with confidence in the high quality of oncology care being provided.

The priority is providing excellent compassionate oncology care. As a patient or family member, you remain as the central focus of the treatment plan.

Physicians' Assitants & Nurse Practitioners 
Throughout your treatment and follow-up, your appointments will alternate between your oncologist and a Physician Assistant and/or Nurse Practitioner. They work closely with and are directed by your oncologist. Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are a valuable part of the cancer care team, and they play a crucial role in keeping patients healthy throughout the duration of treatment.

Oncology RNs play a critical role in your cancer care. They are specifically educated about oncology and often are certified in the field. They will be the healthcare professionals monitoring your physical condition, explaining medications, and administering your chemotherapy and other treatments.

Medical Assistants
Medical Assistants work closely with physicians and nurses. They are often your initial contact upon arrival to the clinic or when you call with questions.

Oncology Social Workers 
Cancer can involve significant psychological, social, and economic challenges for patients and their families. How these challenges are addressed is an important aspect of a patient’s care plan. For this reason, the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara employs clinical social workers who provide emotional and practical support for patients, their families, and their friends.

Nurse or Patient Navigators 
The Navigator serves as a liaison between individual patients and the various healthcare providers required for proper diagnosis, treatment and disease management. They serve as a consistent care coordinator throughout a patient's experience, for instance from breast health education and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Genetic Counselors 
If you have an inherited disease in your family, a genetic counseling session can help you understand your personal risk or the risk for other family members. It can also help you learn what testing, surveillance, prevention strategies or research trials may be right for your situation. Ask your doctor if you could benefit from genetic counseling.

Oncology Dietitians 
Oncology Dietitians have specific education in the study of nutrition and cancer. Our goal is to help you optimize wellness and minimize side effects during and after treatment. Nutritional counseling offers you the unique opportunity to learn about the latest research in nutrition and how to apply this information in your life. Ask your doctor if you could benefit from nutrition counseling.  

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