New Cancer Center



We are striving to build the finest community Cancer Center in the nation as we deliver on our mission of providing superior, personalized care to all members of our community regardless of ability to pay.

Benefits of Proposed New Cancer Center

Centralized Gateway: The new Cancer Center will provide a single, convenient point where patients can access multi-disciplinary care.

Enhanced Collaboration: The Center will allow us to unite medical professionals from multiple locations into one, creating a seamless personalized patient experience.

Latest Technology: The new Center will provide access to the newest treatment technologies, like state of the art Linear Accelerators for Radiation Oncology and new capabilities in Surgical Oncology.

Scaled to Meet Growing Need for Care: The Cancer Center cared for 11,367 patients in 2014.  The baby-boomer generation, now in their sixties, makes up the largest segment of our population to be diagnosed with the disease. A 35% increase is projected to occur for patients 65+ over the next decade.

Clinical Trials: Cancer Center is a regional leader in the effort to discover better ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer, and we are dedicated to the thoughtful introduction of promising new treatment methods. The new Center will enable us to provide more opportunities for clinical research studies as our capacity to serve patients increases.

Designed to Attract Talent: The modernized facility will help us retain talented staff and attract newly trained professionals coming out of top academic institutions like UCLA, Stanford, Harvard and NIH.

Poised for Improved Outcomes: Since coming together, the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara with Sansum Clinic has a larger, more specialized team of physicians.  A new building will further enhance patient care and improve health outcomes.

Comprehensive Approach to Care: The new Center will enable us to offer supportive care programs in the same location where patients see their physicians, including genetic counseling, patient navigation, nutrition services, support groups and counseling, library resources and education, social work services, financial and logistical support, and activities such as yoga, healing touch, exercise classes and painting.

Community Resource: This is a rare example of a project that benefits everyone – our patients, their families, the entire community, and all physicians in this area, whether they’re part of Cancer Center, Sansum Clinic or in independent medical practice.

About the Building

  • 3-story building
  • 3.38 acre campus
  • 54,780 sq. ft. building with a 23,432 sq. ft. footprint
  • Nearly half-acre healing garden with cancer-fighting plants and shaded walking paths and seating areas
  • 100 seat auditorium for physician and staff education
  • 180 parking spaces
  • Craftsman cottage-style architecture that will combine Santa Barbara sandstone and shingle-siding; large windows will offer mountain views from many infusion suites, where patients and their families may spend long hours

Anticipated Timeline

The project scope consists of the following components, which will occur in the sequence they are listed below. It is anticipated that work will commence the week of December 7th, and the existing Cancer Center of Santa Barbara will remain open and operational throughout the duration of the project.


Months 1-3: Site Preparation
Relocation of residential house(s) on Pueblo Street.
Demolition of existing structures on property, except for existing Cancer Center at 601 W. Junipero Street office building.

Months 4-8: Parking Structure Construction (expected to open in late spring of 2016)

Months 9-20: Cancer Center Construction (anticipated to open fall of 2017)
Construction of the new Cancer Center with revised site access on Pueblo Street.

Months 20-22: Healing Garden and Junipero Street
Construction of a learning center for staff and physicians.
Construction and renovation of existing residences on Junipero Street.
Demolition of existing Cancer Center and creation of Healing Garden in its place.

Standard hours of construction are between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday*

Any work outside of this time period must be pre-approved by the City of Santa Barbara, and neighboring residences and businesses will be notified accordingly. We understand that this construction may cause some inconveniences to the surrounding neighborhood. The entire project team will do their best to ensure compliance with the conditions of approval, respond in a timely manner to inquiries that arise, and complete the work expeditiously.

Key Partners

Developer/Builder: The development and construction of Santa Barbara’s new Cancer Center is led by G.L. Bruno and Associates, a seasoned specialty firm dedicated to the needs of the healthcare industry within the western U.S.

Architects: National healthcare firm Boulder Associates teamed up with local architecture firm Cearnal Andrulaitis.

Cancer Center of Santa Barbara with Sansum Clinic: 9 Medical Oncologists, 4 Radiation Oncologists and more than 100 medical and support staff who provide oncology care in Santa Barbara, Solvang and Lompoc.

Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara: The leading nonprofit organization dedicated to cancer care in Santa Barbara and Sansum Clinic’s fundraising partner for the new Cancer Center.

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