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Wellness Programs and Classes

At the Cancer Center, we are proud to offer unique Oncology Supportive Care Programs. We are committed to helping those with cancer take an active role in achieving a calmer mind, a healthier body, a strengthened immune system, and a renewed capacity to cope. A wide range of wellness activities, support groups, classes and complementary programs such as yoga, healing touch, painting, laughter, writing and more, comprise a system of supportive care that helps address multiple aspects of healing. These services are helping more patients than ever. Though not covered by insurance, they are a vital aspect of successful cancer care. Patients often report that these programs help them to not only survive a cancer diagnosis,, but to thrive. A wide range of wellness activities, classes and programs are available to patients and caregivers for free of charge or very low cost, providing the opportunity to address all aspects of healing and to promote recovery.

Wellness classes and programs include:

And many more. Programs are always changing - please refer to our updated Calendar of programs and groups for a current schedule.


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