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FAQ: CT Simulation & Treatment Planning

What is Computed Tomography Simulation?
Computed Tomography or CT Simulation is the process by which the area to be treated is identified with a special X-ray machine called a CT Scanner. A CT Scanner X-rays the body from many angles, allowing your doctor to accurately pinpoint the area of interest. During this test you will be asked to lie on a narrow hard table. It is very important to hold still during this exam.
Where do I go for my CT simulation?
Treatment planning using CT is performed at our 300 West Pueblo Street location.
How much time is involved?
Simulation time varies for each patient, but please plan on one hour. The information received from the CT will go directly into the treatment planning computer. The CT will be used by your physician and physics staff to design a specific treatment technique used for your daily treatments.
Who does the CT Simulation?
The simulation will be done by a licensed Radiation Therapy Technologist (RTT) under the direction of your physician.
When will I start my treatments?
The treatments usually start five to ten days following CT Simulation.
How many treatments will I be getting?
The number of treatments is different for each person. At the time of your first treatment your radiation therapist can usually tell you how many treatments are planned for your treatment ,or you can consult your physician.

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