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Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial?

Finding out that you have cancer and deciding what to do about it can be overwhelming. Participating in a clinical trial can offer more options for treatment. The Cancer Center's Research Program provides access to a wide variety of clinical trials.

A clinical trial is a comparison between standard treatment and a new treatment that may prove to be better. Clinical trials are vital to the evolution of cancer treatment. Today's standard practices were all proven by clinical trials before they became widely available. While patients may choose to enter a trial to improve their own condition, they also help map the future of cancer care for others.

Possible Benefits

Enhanced Monitoring:
In addition to your doctor and nursing team, study coordinators from the Research Department work closely with you during your treatment and follow-up.

Innovative Therapies:
A clinical trial compares standard treatment to a new treatment that could prove to be better than standard therapy. By participating in a trial, you may be among the first patients to benefit from a new therapy that is not yet widely available.

Advances in cancer treatment would be very difficult, if not impossible, without the generous cooperation of trial participants. If you decide to enroll in a clinical trial, you will contribute to a better standard of care for future cancer patients.

Ask Your Doctor if there is a clinical trial that is right for you. Your doctor is your best resource for determining if a clinical trial is a good option for you.

To search for an open trial click here.

Contact the Research Department:

Phone: (805) 879-0643


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