Breast Cancer Programs & Prevention

Many people think cancer is inevitable, but for some types of cancer - including breast cancer - you can take steps to reduce the risk. Healthy lifestyle habits hold the key to cancer prevention. According to the American Cancer Society, up to two-thirds of all cancer cases could be prevented if people avoided tobacco and adopted other healthy lifestyle habits. These risk reduction strategies include eating healthy, exercise, avoiding tobacco, and protecting yourself from the sun. Getting regular screenings are also important as these tests can detect many cancers in the earliest stages, when they can be treated most successfully.

At the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, preventing cancer is as important as treating it. Our Wellness Department is committed to raising awareness about cancer prevention and providing opportunities to reduce cancer risk. You may choose to learn about the Cancer Center's numerous prevention and outreach programs; take an online test to determine your personal cancer risk; familiarize yourself with recommended cancer screening guidelines; or explore various healthy lifestyle tips.  You can also read more in-depth prevention information specific to several types of cancer.

When it comes to cancer prevention, it doesn't really matter how you start since any step taken toward adopting a healthier lifestyle is a step in the right direction.