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 Sansum Clinic
       Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Center
            Center of Excellence
       Laser Eye Care Center - LASIK
       The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara
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       Welcome to Dermatology Associates of Sansum Clinic
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       About Sansum Clinic
            About Sansum Clinic - Excellence in Healthcare brochure
            Annual Report - Navigating the Seas of Change
            Board of Trustees
            Executive Team
                 Alexander Bauer
                 Chad Hine
                 Jonathan Andrews
                 Karen Handy
                 Kurt N. Ransohoff M.D.
                 Marjorie P. Felcher Newman M.D.
                 Matthew Kunkel
                 Susan Kennedy
                 Tom Colbert
                 Sansum Medical Clinic
                 Santa Barbara Medical Clinic Foundation
            Hospital Affiliations
            Mission Statement
            Publications - Good Health and Good Health Kids
            Sansum Clinic in the News
                 See our Advertising Campaign
                 Video Media
            State and National Recognition
            The Sansum Clinic Advantage
            Accommodations for the Disabled
            Physician and Advanced Practitioner Job Opportunities
            Reporting Workplace Complaints
       Community Service Programs
            Camp Wheez - Free Summer Day Camp for Kids with Asthma
                 Camp Wheez En Espanol
                 Volunteer at Camp Wheez
            Flu Shot Program
                 About the Flu and Flu Shot
                 Flu Shot Program
                 Seasonal Flu Shot Schedule
            Key Statistics
            Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics
            Strive for 95
            UCSB Arts & Lectures
            Visiting Professor of Surgery
                 Copy of Visiting Professor of Surgery 2016 - Michael G. Sarr MD
                 Visiting Professor of Surgery 2012 - John L. Cameron, MD
                 Visiting Professor of Surgery 2013 - Hiram C. Polk, Jr., MD
                 Visiting Professor of Surgery 2014 - Julie Ann Freischlag, MD
                 Visiting Professor of Surgery 2015 - Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
                 Visiting Professor of Surgery 2017 - Barbara Lee Bass MD FACS
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            Lovelace Fund for Medical Excellence
            Sansum Clinic Legacy Society
                 Chuck & Rebecca Kaye
                 Dick and Maryan Schall
                 Don and Alita Rhodes
                 Dr. and Mrs. George Messerlian
                 Dr. James Barbabella
                 Eddie & Bobbie Rosenblatt
                 John and Margaret Haigh
                 Legacy Society Members
                 Tony and Brenda Spinella
       Electronic Health Record
            Current - Access for Community Health Care Providers
       eNewsletter Sign-up
            November is National Diabetes Month
            October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
                 Breast Cancer: Genetics & Prevention
            Autorización Para Su Divulgación
            Cuidados del Recién Nacido
            Derechos del Paciente
            Informacion de Registro
            Inquietudes del Paciente
            Prácticas de Privacidad de HIPAA
            Preguntas Comunes Sobre la Directiva por Anticipado de la Atencion de la Salud
            Usted y la Diabetes Tipo II
       Grateful Patient Stories
            Search Grateful Patient Stories
            Share Your Story
       Health and Wellness Programs
            Class Information and Descriptions
                 Asthma Education
                 Cholesterol Management
                 Diabetes Education
                 Heart Disease Education & Prevention
                 Pre-Diabetes: Lower Your Risk for Diabetes
                 Stop Smoking Help
                 Weight Management Strategies
            Diabetes Education Programs
            Health Information Literature
            Health Resource Center
                 Advance Health Care Directive Assistance
                 Ask A Librarian
                 Volunteer at the Health Resource Center
            Online Health Library
            Sansum Clinic Brochures
            Web Guide
       Healthy Recipes
       Make an Appointment/Registration
            Patient Registration Forms
            Registration Information
                 Billing Information for Insurance Plans
                 Consents and Authorization Forms
                 Financial Payment at Time of Service
                 Personal Information
       Patient & Visitor Services
            Advance Care Planning (ACP)
            Cafe 154 at 4151 Foothill Road
            California Office of the Patient Advocate
            Curbside Valet Parking Services at 317 and 301 W. Pueblo
            Ebola - Frequently Asked Questions
            Frequently Asked Questions
            Insurance Plans & Healthcare Networks
                 Covered CA - Frequently Asked Questions
                 Health Plans
            Language Services
            Measles - Frequently Asked Questions
            No Pets Policy
            Notice of Privacy Practices (NNP) for Protected Health Information (PHI)
                 For More Information, to Report a Problem or to File a Privacy Complaint
                 Our Responsibilities
                 Uses and Disclosures Of Protected Health Information for Treatment, Payment and Healthcare Operation
                 Your Rights and Choices
            Patient & Visitor Services - Holiday Schedule
            Patient Feedback Form
            Records Access
            Tuberculosis (TB) Exposure - Frequently Asked Questions
            Visiting from Out of Town/Travel & Lodging
                 Hotels Motels and Accommodations
                 Transportation Services
                 Visitors' Information
       Find a Doctor
            Business Offices
            Holiday Schedule
            Multi-Specialty Clinics
            NEW! Foothill Medical & Surgical Center and Eye Center
            Phone Directory & Hours of Operation
            Prescription Pharmacies
            Specialty Clinics
            Urgent Care Clinics
       Medical Services
            Distinguished Specialty Centers
                 Doctors' Weight Management Program
                      100 Pound Hall of Fame
                      Amanda Frazier's 110 Pound Weight Loss Story
                      Chef Jamie West
                      Contact Us
                      Doctors' Weight Management News
                      Healthy Tips and Recipes
                      In-Clinic Classes
                      Jamie West Interview
                      Patient Spotlight
                      Program Updates
                      Resources for Weight Management
                 Premier Physical Program
                      Core Services of the Premier Physical Program
            Primary Care
            Specialty Care
                 Allergy & Immunology
                 Anticoagulation Clinic
                 Breast Care
                      About Breast Density
                      Breast Care - Breast Cancer: Genetics & Prevention
                      Breast Care Alliance
                      Breast Care Navigator
                 Clinical Research
                      Clinical Trials (Meta)
                 Colon & Rectal Surgery
                 Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Otolaryngology
                      Diabetes Education Program
                           Common Diabetes Myths
                      Endocrine Disorders
                      Our Endocrinologists
                 Eye Care
                      Eye Conditions
                      Eye Exams
                      Eye Treatments
                           Cataract Surgery
                           Clear Lens Extraction
                           Lens Replacement
                      Optical Shop
                      Our Ophthalmologists
                      Pediatric Ophthalmology
                           FAQ - Child's First Eye Exam
                           Pediatric Eye Center
                           Your Child's First Eye Exam
                 Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
                      Laser Skin Rejuvenation
                      Looking Good, Feeling Great.
                      Mini- S and Lifestyle Lifts
                      Skin Rejuvenation
                 Family Medicine
                      Same Day Appointments
                      Our Physicians' Publications
                      Declining Mental Faculties
                 Heart Care
                      Cardiac Rehabilitation
                      Heart Conditions
                      Heart Disease Diagnosis
                           Cardiac Electrophysiology
                           Interventional Cardiology
                           Nuclear Cardiology
                      Heart Health Education
                           How to Improve Your Heart Health
                      Our Cardiologists
                 Hospitalist Program
                 Infectious Diseases
                      Flu Season Suggestions
                      Meningitis Outbreak Update Oct. 2012
                 Internal Medicine
                      Conditions Commonly Treated by Internists
                      What Men Can Learn from Women
                 Laboratory Services
                 Lymphedema Therapy
                      Tips for Improving Your Sleep
                      Be Smart About Snacking
                      Cancer Prevention and Cooking Tips
                      Culinary Medicine
                      Don’t Go Too Nuts
                      Emotions & Food
                      Meet Our Registered Dietitians
                      Sports Nutrition
                      The Healthy Wonders of Water
                      What's for Breakfast
                 Obstetrics & Gynecology
                      Robotic Assisted Surgery for Obstetrics/Gynecology
                 Occupational Medicine
                      Knee Replacement
                 Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
                      An Update on Childhood Vaccines
                      Newborn Care
                      Pediatric Consultation Guidelines
                      Tdap Vaccine Information
                 Physical Therapy
                      4 Tips for Starting an Exercise Program
                      Balance & Fall Prevention
                      Yoga at Work
                 Prescription Navigator
                 Pulmonary & Critical Care
                      Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine with A Personal Touch
                 Rehabilitation and Extended Care (SNF)
                      2012 Advances in Rheumatology
                 Urgent Care
                 Vascular Surgery
       Travel and Tropical Medicine Center
       Fat Footer
       Physician Directory
       About Us
            AAAHC Accreditation
            Benefits of Receiving Care at FSC
                 Complete Healthcare at Sansum Clinic
                 Electronic Health Record - MyChart Personal Health Record
                 Expert and Compassionate Care
                 Latest Equipment and Technology
                      Onsite Radiology
                 Longtime Service to the Community
            Message from our Medical Director
            Mission and Values
       Contact Us
       Our Specialties
            ENT (Ear Nose Throat)/Otolaryngology
            General Surgery
            Pain Management
       Our Staff
            Our Anesthesiologists
            Our Management Team
            Our Nurses and Certified Technicians
            Our Surgeons
       Patient Information
            Advance Health Care Directive Assistance
            After Surgery
            Before Surgery
            Café 154 at 4151 Foothill Road
            Day of Surgery
            Patient Concerns
            Patient Rights & Responsibilities
            Pediatric Patients
            Valet Parking
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