Interior Makeovers by The Redesign Project

A patient’s surroundings have a tremendous impact on the healing process. To have a sense of calm and relaxation promotes positive energy and creates a sense of nurturing and well-being.  For this reason, Phyllis Brooks, owner of The Redesign Project, is gifting a room makeover to patients undergoing treatment at the Cancer Center.

Brooks understands how out of control the world becomes when someone is dealing with cancer. Her mother, Eunice, battled breast cancer for more than 20 years, so she knows how important it is to have a beautiful and peaceful home environment as a patient fights cancer and deals with the side effects of treatment.

Interior redesign allows someone to enjoy what they already have in an entirely new way. A room that is professionally redesigned is clutter free, stress free and comforting. One benefit often overlooked is that a transformed space can make someone more receptive to visits from their family, friends and neighbors. Finally, redesign offers immediate gratification — it’s completed in just one day!

Brooks is a certified member of Interior Redesign Industry Specialists, a professional nonprofit organization that promotes the green movement with a sustainable approach to interior decorating and design.

Please contact Rosario Campuzano for more information: (805) 563-5852.

*Text on this page adapted from article posted on 10/25/2010