Frederic C. Kass, M.D.

Medical Director of Medical Oncology
Medical Director of Research and Wellness

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Although it's a privilege to have Dr. Kass on our team here at the Cancer Center, he will be the first to tell you that he's the privileged one.  Not only does he consider the practice of oncology a privilege, but the honor to be included in the lives of so many extraordinary patients and people here in Santa Barbara.  With that sense of privilege comes Dr. Kass's tremendous appreciation and vigor for life.  His view is that,  "Healing is always possible, regardless of whether disease is curable." 

His excitement for life is celebrated by all at the Cancer Center's annual celebration of life Viva La Vida, the concept for which he introduced in 1990.  In addition, Dr. Kass helped create the Cancer Center's Genetic Counseling Program 10 years ago, as well as helped to foster the growth of clinical research in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Kass feels equally blessed with his personal life as he does with his career as an oncologist.  He and his wife are proud parents of two "pretty cool" children, one at Berkeley and the other at Tufts.  He is also a self-proclaimed "wannabe athlete," attributing any success to the fewer number of competitors in his newly acquired age group (60-64)!