Skin Cancer Awareness

Our SKIN is our largest organ, and skin cancer is the most common of all cancers.  Doctors find skin cancer in about one million Americans each year. There's a lot you can do to lessen your risk of developing skin cancer. Read tips from the Cancer Center about protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and learn how to perform a self-skin exam at home.

Developing sun safety habits should begin at an early age, especially because sunburns occurring before the age of 20 are of particular concern. The Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention Program is dedicated to teaching cancer prevention behaviors to all community members, including our youth. Read more about the Cancer Center's annual RAYS program, which informs local youth about sun safety.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with skin cancer, we are here to offer you resources for information and support. The Cancer Center's Support Services department facilitates support group meetings for people with melanoma. You can also visit the Cancer Center's Cancer Resource Library to learn more about melanoma and other skin cancers. Updated information from the National Cancer Institute can be found in our Cancer Information section.

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