Breast Self Exam

Beginning around age twenty, women should learn the benefits, techniques, and limitations surrounding breast self - exams. It is important for a woman to know how her breasts normally feel and look, and to consult with her physician if any abnormality arises. It is important to note that even if a BSE is performed regularly, this does not replace mammography procedures, which should be performed by a medical professional.
How to perform a Breast Self-Exam

Testicular Self Exam

The American Cancer Society does not recommend regular testicular self- examinations for men unless they have specific cancer risk factors. Performing a regular TSE cannot hurt, but may not be the best method for early detection of testicular cancer.
How to perform a Testicular Self-Exam

Skin Self Exam

It is important to know the pattern of moles, freckles, birth marks and other blemishes on your skin so that you'll notice changes and new appearances. It is preferable to perform a skin self-exam once a month over the entire body - including your back, scalp, ears, nails, palms and soles.
How to perform a Skin Self-Exam