The Super Colon Visited Santa Barbara

The Super Colon is a twenty foot long, eight foot high replica of a human colon. The visual exhibit provided an interactive way for people to learn about the importance of colon cancer prevention, risks, symptoms and treatment options. While strollin' through the colon, visitors of all ages got a close-up look at healthy tissue, colon polyps, various stages of colorectal cancer and diseases such as Chron's & colitis. Local gastroenterologists and healthcare professionals were on-hand to lead tours and answer questions.

The Super Colon Tour was scheduled for 30 cities in 2007, and currently has more than 80 cities scheduled in 2009. Santa Barbara has been the only city in California to host the exhibit.

Included in the Super Colon exhibit was a tour through the Super Colon, nutrition information about the importance of fiber, materials on how to read a nutritional label, as well as the details on all the colon cancer screening guidelines. In addition, there were FIT take home stool sample tests (fecal immunochemical tests) available to those who wanted to be screened.

The exhibit was seen by over 700 local students, the general public, and attendees of the Cancer Prevention Fair. Overall, over 1,400 Santa Barbara residents strolled through the Super Colon. The Super Colon event was a great opportunity to stroll through a gigantic colon and to encourage important conversations for people of all ages about colon cancer.