Special Funding Areas

Donors can designate their contribution to support a specific need at the Cancer Center. Some of the areas currently requiring support include:

Where the need is greatest: The general operations fund helps insure that the Cancer Center can maintain all of its programs and services.

Patient Assistance: This fund helps to pay for the cost of treating charity care patients, such as patients with no health insurance or those on fixed incomes. Last year, $360,599 was spent on charity care. Additionally, $2,461,758 was spent in excess of public program payments (Medicare and Medi-Cal) and community benefit programs exceeded $1,484,000. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn we anticipate that these numbers will continue to increase during the current year.

Wellness Program: Through the introduction of programs and classes, our Wellness Program provides cancer patients and the community increased availability and coordination of information and services, with the intention of assisting with the healing process, maintaining health and preventing cancer.

Equipment Acquisition: Both radiation therapy and nuclear medicine require the use of very specialized, sophisticated equipment. Our efforts are focused on raising funds for the latest proven technology in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Research: Our clinical research department makes the most promising treatments available to local patients. We offer forty research studies providing access to the most current cancer therapy options as well as prevention studies.

Cancer Prevention Programs
: For the Cancer Center, preventing cancer is just as important as treating it. Because of this, the Center has developed several innovative programs for our local community including the Scott D. Smith Colon Cancer Early Detection & Prevention Program, RAYS (Raising Awareness Yields Sun Safety) and tobacco education.

Hereditary Cancer Risk Counseling: As the only provider of genetic counseling and testing services between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara offers genetic counseling and testing to people at increased risk for hereditary cancer and helps them make informed medical decisions based on their personal risk assessment.